BC Fabrications, Inc. has been producing an assortment of new and replacement parts for the Contracting & Construction Industry for over 10+ years. We assist in numerous divisions of Site Contracting, such as paving & milling and maintaining heavy highway infrastructures. Heavy replacement parts for machinery breakdowns are often needed overnight due to constant 24 hour road and highway maintenance.

We assist over 15 different organizations encompassed in the Contracting & Construction Industry.

The Site Contracting Industry has a vast collection of various vehicles, machines, and road equipment that is used heavily. It is imperative that replacement parts are available at all times to ensure highway safety at all times. BC Fabrications, Inc. Has been a key variable in making this happen.

Refer to the BC Fabrications full equipment list for more information about our machining capabilities.

Read more about our commitment to quality on the BC Fabrications Company page. Quality is part of each and every aspect of our day to day operations.