Water jet cutting is a fast and reliable method to cut almost any material. With water pressures of up to 55,000 psi, cutting time in the right material can be up to 20 times faster than with conventional sawing and machining. Programming and setup times on a water jet is often one quarter the time in comparison to conventional machining or punching and with basically no tooling or fixtures required. Water jet cutting provides superior surface finishes without micro fracturing compared to EDM and no heat tampering of the edges. In the right environment, water jetting your parts can significantly improve the quality, costs, and delivery performance.

BC Fabrications' water jet cutting services include cutting stainless steel, steel, aluminum, glass, lexan, stone, marble, tile, rubber, plastic, etc.

BC Fabrications, Inc. uses an Omax abrasive Water Jet Machining Center Model 551000/30hp which has the design of the nozzle traverse mechanism coupled with the controller software. Our water jet provides the capability of cutting all different types of materials as thin as .004” or as thick as 3” to within .005” accuracy, maximum cut size 55” x 100”. Refer to the BC Fabrications Full Equipment List for more information about our cutting capabilities. Laser cutting is available upon request.